Bee Product Gift Packs

We are a hive of activity whilst preparing our special Bee Gift Packs to help raise funds. This will include elephant-friendly honey, honey-infused home-made soap, home-made lip balm made with our bees wax, an Elephants Alive bracelet and our new bee bracelet (coming soon!), and beeswax food wraps to reduce throwaway plastic. Included will be a Safe Guide to Viewing Elephants (produced by the Elephant Specialist Advisory Group) and an information pamphlet. Each package is hand- wrapped with love. We promote non-plastic usage and all products are sustainably harvested in the best interest of the bees, and are 100% organic and raw. We already have an order for all our current stock – new stock will be in place before Christmas, when the rains have hopefully arrived and the bees are making more honey.

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