Guidelines for Safe Elephant Viewing

By Michelle Henley

We are proud to announce that a new brochure has been produced to ensure that people know how to behave around elephants. Mac, the iconic bull who represents one of the large tuskers of Kruger and who has been tracked by Elephants Alive since early 2002 until his death in 2013 due to natural causes, features on the cover and we are pleased to have immortalised him in this way.

Michelle Henley illustrated and provided the photos for the brochure and together with the other Trustees of the Elephant Specialist Advisory Group of South Africa (ESAG) crafted the text. Elephants Alive has a number of printed brochures available as examples and reprints can be organised depending on the demand. We trust that you will find this compact and user-friendly guide of use if ever you need to share space with elephants.


9 thoughts on “Guidelines for Safe Elephant Viewing

  1. Hi Michelle

    Thank you so much for the such an interesting newsletter, which I’ve sent on to all the North West Parks Honorary Officers. Would it be possible to have a copy of your brochure so that we can educate the public during our weekend visitor management duties in the North West Parks? We’d be most grateful. If you do not have enough (there are 120 of us), we could have one printed, so really only need an email version.

    Keep up the wonderful work and we hope to see you again some time!

    Bush wishes
    Viv Thomé
    Hon Secretary, HO Association
    M: 083 879 2612
    T: 011 026 2884

    1. Good day Viv, thank-you for your interest and support. There will be a download of the brochure available on the ESAG website in exchange for a short questionnaire that needs to be completed. The Elephants Alive office will be in touch with you regarding when the questionnaire is up, apologies for the delay. The site is

      The email to follow up is

      Many thanks, Lindy

    1. Good day Lesley, we are organising for the free download of the brochure on various websites in exchange for a short questionnaire that needs to be completed. The Elephants Alive office will be in touch with you regarding when the questionaire is up. One of the sites will be

      Their email to follow up is

      Many thanks, Lindy

  2. Hi Guys. The “Guidelines for Safe Elephant Viewing” would help us tremendously. It will also boost the profile of EA within the APNR (among the lodges esp.).

    Please can you let me know how to go about getting some of these for distribution to the lodges?

    1. Hi Craig,

      I will speak to the ladies at the office and get back to you about giving you a load of brochures. How many will you need? Lindy here.

    2. Hi Michelle,
      I would like to reproduce your Safe elephant viewing guidelines for our shareholders on Jejane especially as there have been a few incidents recently involving elephants in musth. If you could let me have a template or copy I will arrange to have it reproduced for use on Jejane. If you have it in electronic format that would be first prize!
      My contact details are as follows:
      Jim Thomson
      P. O. Box 1577, Fontainebleau 2032 or
      Kind regards

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