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ste-logo_final-01-e1448808541408Elephants Alive (formerly known as Save the Elephants South Africa) has its founding roots in Save the Elephants (STE). We share all our tracking data with STE and are grateful for the database management and scientific expertise when analysing tracking data sets. The Elephant Crisis Fund is supporting the work we are currently doing in Parque Nacional de Limpopo. Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton serves on both our Management and Scientific Advisory Committees.

pams_logo_blackPAMS Foundation, based in Tanzania, and Elephants Alive have formed an alliance to design and implement meaningful and viable protective and preventative technologies in a designated focus-area within The Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area (GLTFCA). The project is known as the “Greater Kruger Elephant Protection Project” (GKEPP), this alliance is in agreement that the GPS collaring of specific (carefully chosen) elephants within the focus-area will play a vital role in establishing meaningful protective measures, particularly within critical areas of Mozambique’s Limpopo National Park (LNP).

To battle the surge in ivory poaching, the Elephant Crisis Fund is identifying and supporting the most effective projects and partners in Africa, and in ivory consuming nations, to end the ivory crisis. The Elephant Crisis Fund is funding Elephants Alive’s work in Parque Navional de Limpopo in Mozambique, funding on the ground research into the poaching situation and the operating expenses of recent collaring operations.

facebook_profileBlack Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit  Elephants Alive has a long standing relationship with Transfrontier Africa and Black Mambas, working with them since 2006, and have assisted with the costs of training of new recruits, community education campaigns and online marketing. EA is currently working with the Black Mambas on the Pathfinders project that involves herding adventurous elephants who have broken out from the fence line back to safety in the reserve. Elephants Alive is contributing to the skills development of the Black Mambas and have employed two ladies to conduct our Bees and Trees research project.

catThe Conservation Action Trust (CAT) works for the protection of threatened species by reporting on conservation and environmental issues affecting these species. Elephants Alive has partnered with CAT to collar elephants in Parque Nacional de Limpopo and have depended on CAT to report on our activities in an objective way, valuing their high quality and speedy investigative journalism abilities.

Bull Elephant Network Project  Dr Hannah Mumby is leading a research group called the Bull Elephant Network Project at Cambridge University. She is an Honorary Researcher at the University of Witwatersrand. Hannah and her team have worked with Elephants Alive since 2015 on questions of how male elephants are socially an genetically related, how they communicate, and the role and distribution of tusks. Her major funding comes from the Branco Weiss Fellowship, Drapers’ Company Fellowship at Pembroke College, Fulbright Commission and the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin.

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Ferocious Love Apparel
Louis Stewart Foundation 
Maria Nila

Meerendal Wine Estate – BIGFEET Elephant Foundation
PAMS Foundation
Perfect World
SATIB Conservation Trust
The Oak Foundation
Transfrontier Africa
US Fish and Wildlife Services

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Brian & Claire Makare
Mark & Jacqui Atkinson
Michele Thomson
Peter Smelting
Reimund Kuehn
Rudolph Mohs