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Do elephants affect vulture nesting success? Ongoing research
Large-tusked elephants are in decline, need to be protected from trophy hunting and poaching, says researcher
Tales Less Told – Conservation #7 Michelle Henley & Elephants Alive
In a South African experiment, bees are now being used to scare off destructive elephants
Elephants, Bees and Marula Trees: Promoting the Co-Existence of Elephants and Big Trees
Elephants are sentient and conservation strategy should adapt, says researcher
Why identifying individual elephants is important, and the pivotal roles matriarchs and older bulls play

Elephant experts respond regarding proposed citrus farm on Kruger border
Women Conservation Warriors Back Home Again
Meet the Mpumalanga man who uses bees to scare elephants

Video: Tiny bees buzz to the rescue as elephants wreak havoc
Honey Bee Alarm Signal Could Protect Elephants
Kruger Magazine feature: Elephants Alive – Studying Kruger’s elephants for 20 years!
Elephants, Bees and Trees Project Manual
My Life With Elephants
How We Can learn Empathy From Elephants
Elephants Gets Buzzed for Trees

On the frontlines of human-elephant conflict with Robin Cook, Elephants Alive
Strong Women Who are Risking it All to Save the World
Surge in Kruger Park Elephant Poaching a Jumbo Problem
Daily Planet: Using Bees to Protect Elephants (video)
GeoBlogy: An Update from the Elephants…by Fiona Sach

TRT World:  In South Africa, bees protect indigenous trees from elephants (see video)
Bangkok Post: In South Africa, bees stop elephants from trampling trees

A Honey-Pot Scare Saves Crops and Trees: Meet the Bees Vs. the Elephants

Traveller 24: Bees stop elephants from trampling trees in SA

CGTN: In South Africa, bees stop elephants from trampling trees
WIReD Space: Elephant impact on marula trees, and African honeybees as a mitigation method
University of Oxford: African honeybees as a mitigation method for elephant impact on trees

Bees Protect Large Trees from Elephant Impact
Using Honey Bees to Protect one of Africa’s Best-selling Liqueurs

The Elephants and the Bees
Fundraising Event for Elephants Alive a Great Success
Funds to Keep the Elephants Alive
Eyes of an Elephant

Lead SA: Organisation in the Spotlight: Elephants Alive!

Bees Used to Protect Marula Trees from Elephants

Kruger2Canyon – Farmers Help Save Runaway Elephants
Elephants and Mango Crops Saved in Difficult Rescue

Vietnam Smuggles Ivory from all over Africa
Learning About Conservation with Elephants and Leopards

Kruger2Canyon – Rescue of a Gentle Giant
Golfers have Fun-Filled day for Matambu
South Africa’s Eco-Heroes
Alarm Over New Gag on Elephants Poaching Stats
Matambu’s Long Walk to Freedom
Rescued elephant calf adopted by herd in rare conservation success story
Kruger2Canyon front page: A Happy Ending
Dung and rumbles: A day in the life of an ellie researcher
Rescued elephant calf adopted
Amazing African Elephants May Transport Seeds Farther than any Land mammal
Biology Graduate Publishes Research on Perception of Elephant Impact on Ecosystem
Wire Netting on Trees Reduces Impact by Elephants
Classic Encounters for kids – a wildlife photography weekend with Elephants Alive and Wild Shots

Kids, Cameras, Collars – and elephants!
Tracking Giants
Elephant Rescue – baby elephant rescued from mine
Communities Seek Innovative Ways to Contain Elephants in Greater Kruger Park
Elephants told to buzz off in South African National Park
Saving a little elephant
Elephants Alive called into action as two Kruger elephants go astray
Beyond Culling: Elephants Alive Tracking Project Informs Conservation Planning
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Beyond Culling

Collaring one of Kruger’s giants 
Hunted giant not Kruger elephant 
The best defense is a good bee fence
Honeybees could be key to stopping destructive elephants

Bees, Trees and Elephants 
Klaserie Chronicle
Jejane Khaluma
Kruger2Canyon: Elephants, Marula and Honeybees

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Saturday Star
Kruger jumbo poached in ‘haven of scoundrels’

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Environment & Wildlife
Africa Geographic: Green Hunting and Great Tuskers

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Get Conserving Thinking Big
Elephant on the Move – Please Do Not Cull
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Collaring Elephants in the Klaserie

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Giant Hearts Living with Elephants
Giant Hearts review Down to Earth
Great Tuskers of Africa

What Elephants Teach Us About Our Own Humanity
Elephants Told to Buzz off in South Africa National Park