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Please help support Elephants Alive by making a donation – every cent counts!

Elephants Alive is a registered Non-Profit Organisation. We rely solely on donations in order to achieve the research we do.

We require funding for the following projects:  

  • R70,000 / $5,250 to collar an elephant – either collaring a new study animal or replacing a worn-out collar (naming rights given to donor, if new elephant is collared). Read more




  • R50,000 / $3,750 funds an educational outreach weekend for local students from impoverished communities, learning about elephant conservation & wildlife photography. Read more




  • R10,000 / $750 to support our bees, trees and elephant project (beehive purchase and honey production). Bee hives hung in trees deter elephants from having an impact on large trees of aesthetic appeal, thereby reducing human:elephant conflict issues. Read more




  • R3,000 / $250 annual service fees for each collar. We need to maintain the service fees on each collar to continue our vitally important research. The collars allows us track each study-elephant,  to check on their associations, vocalizations, genetic relations with other companions and how these change over time as well as analyse their stress levels. Read more



  • R1,000 / $75 to adopt a vulture nest site and tree (monitoring costs, labour and fuel). Vultures need large trees for nesting, and we monitor more than 250 nesting sites, to understand elephant impact. Read more




  • You can also support the work of Elephants Alive by buying a piece of art! Read more




  • The Elephants Alive team have joined up with the Mike McMillan Nature Fund, Wildlife Vets and Wild Skies Aviation to run, swim, cycle or fly to help rescue elephants.Please show your support for this team of dedicated conservationists by making a donation to our GivenGain crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for an “Emergency Elephant Rescue Fund”, to relocate runaway elephants.




Elephants Alive Ref: 12299  has  been successfully registered as a beneficiary of the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Fundraising programme! You can now sign up for a card and simply swipe when you shop to help us raise funds.








Bank details:

Save the Elephants – South Africa (STE-SA)
Account number: 331632284
Standard Bank branch code: 051001
South Africa
International Banking Account Number: SBZAZAJJ

Your donation will make a very valuable contribution to our ongoing work.  If, rather than making a general donation, you would like to fund one of the specific projects above, please contact us –

Thank YOU.