Scientific Objectives

  1. To conduct research into how habitat resources, the need for safety and the social presence of other elephants, influence observed patterns in elephant movements.
  2. To understand the abundance, movements and conservation importance of the remaining large tusked bulls within the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park (GLTP) and to use these flagship individuals as educational tools to address broader conservation concerns.
  3. Relate elephant occurrence to their effects on the vegetation and infrastructure where elephants and man co-exist.
  4. To determine the level of sensitivity between selected tree-nesting birds and the impact of elephant on trees used as nesting sites.
  5. To assess the efficacy of experimental mitigation methods aimed at reducing the effects of elephants in localised areas.
  6. To further our understanding of how elephant mortality rates differ between South Africa and other African range-use states in view of the escalating illegal trade in ivory.