Increasing the dose – at the foot of giants


A physician once said: “The best medicine for humans is love.’’ Someone asked, “What if it doesn’t work?’’ He smiled and said: ‘’Increase the dose.” We walked silently in single file, not like stalking predators but with purpose. Why? We came to meet a Gardening Giant, a Gentle Giant, a Gracious Giant, reminding us why…

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When a friend passes – in memory of Matambu


The circle of woven green grass dotted with flowers hangs gently from your textured ivory. We placed it there because we felt a need to leave something beautiful in your memory. Our 17-year journey can only be described as a journey of friendship. Once I captured your ear pattern, you were on our records like…

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Celebrating Five Years of Protecting Trees with Bees

Bee Hives

On a warm summer’s night in December 2015, Elephants Alive, in conjunction with Jejane Private Nature Reserve, initiated the ambitious operation of hanging fifty active beehives in fifty marula trees in order to test whether African honeybees could be used to protect trees against elephant impact. Five years down the line, Elephants Alive’s researchers have…

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