When the Skies Open!

By Michelle Henley

Finally, we have had some much-needed rain after the terrible, prolonged drought over the past two years.

How do you tell people from other parts of the world how it feels when the heavens open? How intoxicating it is to watch and breathe in the aroma of millions of falling drops of mercy as they explode on the dust covered earth?

You cannot describe to anybody how it feels when a drought is broken. There are no words for soaked elephants crossing previously parched plains, or a red mud bathed elephant twisting his trunk with delight or entire herds of elephants entering dams on masse as if to make sure that the water is real.


Elephant herd enjoying the rain after the drought Elephants enjoying a mud bath after the drought is broken Mud caked elephant after enjoying a mud bath after the rains break the long drout

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