Tuskers Workshop

Elephant experts from across Africa gathered in Hoedspruit for the three day TUSKERS Workshop in January.

Elephant experts
Dr. Kate Evans - Director & Founder, Elephants for Africa
Mr. Brian Courtenay - Founder & Chairman of the the Southern African Conservation Trust
Dr. Michelle Henley - Director & Co-founder, Elephants Alive
Dr. Markus Hofmeyr - Specialist Vet & Workshop Coordinator

This hugely successful and highly impactful event was organised by Elephants Alive, together with Elephants for Africa and Southern African Conservation Trust. Speakers included elephant researchers from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, UK, USA and South Africa, together with reserve managers, game rangers, vets, anti-poaching units, and educational outreach experts. Together we discussed the latest news regarding elephant conservation challenges, shared best practice and success stories and how to engage key stakeholders including local communities.

Two themes of the workshop included the role of women in conservation and the forging of stronger linkages with communities surrounding Protected Areas. It was a meeting of minds and herding together for elephant conservation.

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