Increasing the dose – at the foot of giants


A physician once said: “The best medicine for humans is love.’’ Someone asked, “What if it doesn’t work?’’ He smiled and said: ‘’Increase the dose.” We walked silently in single file, not like stalking predators but with purpose. Why? We came to meet a Gardening Giant, a Gentle Giant, a Gracious Giant, reminding us why…

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A quarter of a century and for the love of elephants

Elephant photography

  By Dr. Michelle Henley Twenty five years ago I got drawn into the world of the close-knit social structure of elephants when my Mother (an artist) and I started drawing elephant ear patterns in the Associated Private Nature Reserves (APNR) to the west of Kruger.  I had just completed my MSc on elephants and…

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Who is Who?


WHO IS WHO? by Dr. Julie Kern How many large-tusked bulls remain in the APNR? How socially connected are different population members? How successful are human-elephant conflict mitigation methods? These questions are all examples of key research objectives for Elephants Alive. If at first glance you think these questions have little in common, look again…

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