Collaring in Maputo Special Reserve, Mozambique

Elephants Alive's Robin Cook & Tammy Eggeling
Photo Credit: Dr Ben Muller

Elephants Alive successfully collared six elephants in Mozambique’s Maputo Special Reserve (MSR). MSR is home to over 500 elephants, however, little is known about their movement patterns.

Wildlife Vets tranquilizing elephant from chopper. Photo Credit: Dr Ben Muller

This is an incredibly scenic reserve, situated 100 km southeast of the capital, preserving both the sand forest and marine environment within its midst. As MSR forms a part of Peace Park’s Usuthu-Tembe-Futi Transfrontier Conservation Area, it is vital management to understand elephant movements before joining up conservation areas across the Mozambican and South African international borders.

Collar being fitted on the grassy plains of Maputo Special Reserve

Joining hands in Mozambique and in a huge collaborative effort between Elephants Alive, Saving the Survivors, Young Presidents Organisation, Safari Giants, Wildlifevets SA, Savannah Tracking and the Peace Parks Foundation, six elephants were collared across MSR in an attempt to understand elephant movement patterns in various sections of the reserve. We are delighted with how smooth the collaring operations were carried out, in what at times were very difficult terrain.
We are excited to see the results of this operation by allowing the elephants to tell us their stories through their movements.

Taking vital recordings whilst collar fitted

We have many individuals and organisations to thank for making this happen.
From Mozambique we would like to thank: Dr. Carlos Lopes Perreira, Dr. Joao Almeida, Miquel Goncalves, Antonio Alverca and Pedro Alverca.
Elephants Alive: Dr. Michelle Henley, Anka Bedetti, Robin Cook, Tammy Eggeling
Saving the Survivors: Dr. Johan Marias and Dr. Joao Almeida
Safari Giants: Dex Kotze and Annie Snowden
Wildlifevets: Dr. Ben Muller
Savannah Tracking: Dr. Henrik Rasmussen and Ivy Mutiso
Peace Parks Foundation: Brian Neubert
Pilot: James Scheun
Marine Resource: Marcel Kroese

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  1. Maurice Mackenzie on 14 April 2019 at 6:30 am

    Great work and well done! Do you know of any progress on the Futi corridor? Last contact was with PPF and Paul Bewshwr.

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