Collaring in Maputo Special Reserve, Mozambique


Elephants Alive’s Robin Cook & Tammy Eggeling Photo Credit: Dr Ben Muller Elephants Alive successfully collared six elephants in Mozambique’s Maputo Special Reserve (MSR). MSR is home to over 500 elephants, however, little is known about their movement patterns. Wildlife Vets tranquilizing elephant from chopper. Photo Credit: Dr Ben Muller This is an incredibly scenic…

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Elephants, Bees, Socks and SPLAT!

Bee Hive

Elephants Alive’s research has successfully demonstrated that elephants avoid trees that have a bee hive hung in them. But what is it about the bees that is causing the elephants to steer clear? Our studies continue with the next phase of bee research…… Over the past decade, extensive research has been carried out on a…

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